Vaping 101: The Basics

Howdy howdy! Let’s talk vaping! What are your thoughts on it? Personally, we like it and we figured we’d put together a few introductory tips for everyone, especially considering how popular vaping has become recently especially in the western world. Experts are even recommending it over traditional smoking. So let’s proceed and talk about the different ways you can vape.

Placing the vape on the sides of your mouth.

This one of the most common ones, but when you vape using this method it lets the vapour pass over your tongue’s tastebuds in a far more effective way.

Withhold inhaled vapour in the mouth

By doing so, the body absorbs both atomizer vapour and e-cig vapour differently than traditional cigarettes.  For new vapers however, experts advise to draw in the vapour slowly in order to give it time in the mouth before intaking it into the lungs.

Use your nostrils to exhale

Experts in the field have already done research on this and have come to find that mucus membranes are the body parts that absorb vapour readily. This means that exhaling vape air entirely through the nostrils helps you get the perfect vaping experience through maximum absorption.

Use your thumb and index finger

In stead of using your middle and index fingers to hold your vape outlet, a more comfortable way is to use your thumb and index finger. Just another way to stand out from traditional smokers.

The 2-2-1 draw

Want the fastest way to get the benefits of a vape? The 2-2-1 draw is the answer for you. To accurately vape this way you have to inhale small amounts of vapour twice and quickly follow up with a slow and robust draw.

In conclusion

Vaping enjoys more tremendous popularity amongst mainstream smokers than ever before. One of the causes behind this is the relatively healthy nature of vaping. However, due to its very nature, vaping demands you use it differently. Once you start vaping the right way, you stand to enjoy its benefits in a far more significant way.

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