Cannabis Supply Co.

The Cannabis Supply Company opened its flagship store on January 30, 2016, in Brantford, Ontario, as a retail store selling cannabis accessories. The main objective was to become a licensed dispensary.  The company went on to create a chain of ten stores. These 10 stores were operated as medical cannabis clinics. This model helped them to position themselves for success in the legal recreational market by giving staff the knowledge base and experience to become experts in “all things cannabis”.   In May 2020, Cannabis Supply Co. reached its goal in obtaining its retail operator’s license. In addition to their seasoned veteran employees, they have added several new team members with the ultimate goal of providing their clients with the best customer service in the industry.


Our Mission

We believe our success depends on a customer base that is committed to our brand. To accomplish this, we commit to offering our customers:

  • Knowledgeable, professional, friendly employees
  • To educate our customers and promote the safe use of cannabis products
  • A wide variety of affordable products
  • Quality accessories
  • A healthy, clean and safe environment
  • A team that will listen and respond to our customers requests
  • A company that will enhance the communities we serve