Our Story

The Cannabis Supply Company opened its doors January 30, 2016 in Brantford, Ontario as a retail store selling cannabis accessories, with the goal to become a dispensary.  The landscape for the legalization of cannabis changed several times over the upcoming months which significantly delayed the process.  The company created a chain of ten stores to position themselves for success in the market when it became legal to sell recreational cannabis.  On October 17, 2018 the Cannabis Act was finally passed, removing the criminal element from cannabis.  The licensing of retail stores was placed under the governing body of the Alcohol Gaming Commission Ontario.
The Ontario Cannabis Store was created to allow Ontarians to purchase cannabis online and have it mailed directly to their homes.  This process was not favorable and was highly scrutinized.  Brick and mortar stores were finally being entertained in 2019 by submitting an expression of interest and participating in a lottery to be awarded a chance to open a cannabis retail store.  Cannabis Supply Co . was not successful in either of the two lotteries.  Ontario lagged behind the rest of Canada in the roll out of retail stores.  Finally, in January 2020, the province opened up the application process so that anyone could apply to become an authorized retail store.   Our Retail Operator License came through in May of 2020.  Since then, we have been renovating our 10 locations in preparation to open the doors to finally sell cannabis.

We have added a number of new team members to each location so that we can provide our customers with the best cannabis experience.  Prior to receiving our Retail Operator Licence in the recreational market, we operated a medical cannabis clinic and sold cannabis accessories.  This experience allowed our staff to become well versed with information about cannabis.   This knowledge will allow us to educate our customers about the products they purchase resulting in customer satisfaction every time! Our shelves will be stocked with the products in demand and we will carry cannabis accessories so that we are one stop shop for all of your cannabis needs.

Our Mission

We believe our success depends on a customer base that is committed to our brand. To accomplish this, we commit to offering our customers:

  • Knowledgeable, professional, friendly employees
  • To educate our customers and promote the safe use of cannabis products
  • A wide variety of affordable products
  • Quality accessories
  • A healthy, clean and safe environment
  • A team that will listen and respond to our customers requests
  • A company that will enhance the communities we serve